Agencies Strip Union of Office Space, Attempt to Charge Rent, Public Unions Whine

“You’re insisting that we pay RENT? We are the UNION. We don’t pay RENT.”

Well, it looks like now they do.

(From Government Executive)

Last week, the Office of Personnel Management issued guidance on policy changes in light of the Trump administration’s efforts to make it easier to fire federal workers, streamline the collective bargaining negotiation process, and curb union employees’ use of official time. While OPM Director Jeff Pon said the executive orders, which are subject to multiple legal challenges, do not “abrogate” existing bargaining agreements, he insisted that agencies move to change them at the “earliest date permitted by law,” and to change policies unilaterally once an agreement expires.

NTEU National President Tony Reardon said that last week, the Social Security Administration’s Office of Hearing Operations informed the union that it plans to strip it of rent-free office space unilaterally. NTEU represents around 1,700 employees at the office.

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