Buzzfeed, from 2014: The 25 Biggest Bromance Moments Between George W. Bush And Vladimir Putin

We post for a little context in the midst of the Russia hysteria. A certain part of the media, and its political allies have gone off the deep end.

Look, Russia would love to have swayed the election in 2016. They tried, to some extent. (Like likely other world powers.) But it doesn’t look like they did. Facebook ads didn’t steal anything from ole’ Hillary. Hillary ultimately lost, to a large degree, because she insulted the intelligence of the American heartland. And now some people would rather hurt the country than come to terms with this.

But we could always be wrong. Maybe Trump colluded with Russia and CNN and Obama’s “Organizing for Action” stealth party are actually correct. But likely not.

And it wasn’t just Jr.

Obama got in on it too.

(From Buzzfeed)

Back in the day, even though it was an ultimately doomed effort, George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin had some real bromance moments.

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Ooh ooh. Need don’t forget this sweet moment with Obama and Medvedev.