Capitalism Is Primed to Rid the Developed World of Traffic

Is this hell? I’m pretty sure this is car hell.


Oh let’s hope so. If there is anywhere that needs a good solid dose of capitalism it is our roads and transportation system. They could be so much better than they are now. In many respects many large cities in this country border on nonfunctional at certain times due to traffic.

(From Real Clear Markets)

By most accounts we’re just a few years away from driverless cars for the very few. If so, brilliant. What the very few enjoy is always and everywhere a preview of what we’ll all eventually enjoy thanks to the profit motive.  Wealth is an effect of the mass production of former baubles of the rich.

As is, a growing number of cars have adaptive cruise control that partially remove the mistake-prone human element from the driving equation.  Traffic will become lighter simply because the mistakes that can lead to traffic will be reduced.  Once driverless cars become standard, imagine what our commutes will look like.

It’s all a reminder that one of capitalism’s greatest virtues is turning scarcity into abundance.  Where there’s little to no capitalism, there are lines.  Traffic is a flashing red light that capitalism doesn’t yet dictate how we get around by automobile.

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