Chicago Police Say Body Camera Footage Shows Man Shot Dead was Armed

(From The Guardian)

Chicago’s police superintendent called for calm and released body camera footage on Sunday, after autopsy results showed that a black man who was killed by a police officer near his home died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Harith Augustus, 37, was shot on the city’s South Side on Saturday evening, setting off violent skirmishes between protesters and police.

Superintendent Eddie Johnson said on Sunday he had ordered the release of body camera footage sooner than after any other such incident in order to address any misinformation and maintain calm.

He said there was no question Augustus was armed when officers encountered him. Police stopped Augustus, he said, when an officer noticed a gun in a holster peeking out from under the man’s T-shirt. Johnson said it was a semiautomatic handgun, though he was not sure what caliber.

Earlier, patrol chief Fred Waller told reporters Augustus broke free and ran from the officers, who believed “he appeared to be reaching for a weapon” and shot him.

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