Commerce Department has Received over 26,000 Tariff Exemption Requests

(From The Washington Examiner)

Almost four months after President Trump rattled Corporate America with stiff steel and aluminum tariffs, the Commerce Department has received a total of 26,403 exemption requests, more than four times as many as expected.

As of July 8, it has made final decisions on just 133 of the petitions, which seek waivers for supplies not readily available in U.S. markets and for which rising costs might threaten profits and even force small companies out of business.

“We continue to process the exclusion requests as they come in and will publish the department’s decision within the 90 days after a request is posted for public comment,” a Commerce spokesperson said in an email. Secretary Wilbur Ross has said the exemptions will be applied retroactively, meaning if a company receives an exclusion, any tariffs it paid after filing an objection will be refunded.

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