Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross: Trump’s End-Game Is “Zero Tariffs” With EU

Tariffs are taxes and they warp the economy. Americans are taxed enough already. We should seek to eliminate them always.

We’re pleased to hear this from the Commerce Secretary on the discussions with the Europeans. But let’s make sure not to blow up things along the way.

(From Real Clear Markets)

SECRETARY WILBUR ROSS: I think there are several very significant aspects. There were no preconditions, no requirement that we drop any 232 tariffs just to get talks going, which had been an original EU request. They came prepared to do business, we came prepared to do business. This really breaks the ground, because it has now set the parameters: Everything is on the table.

BRET BAIER. FNC: You’re talking zero tariffs, ultimately.

ROSS: The president made it clear at the G7, although you remember no one paid any attention, that his endgame is zero tariffs, zero non-tariff trade barriers, zero subsidies, and zero barriers to our market access, so four big zeroes…

And it is more than soybeans — all agricultural products will be discussed.

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