Democrats’ long-shot plan to stop Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

The pro-abortion rights crowd is in full freak out mode. Of course there is also the hope that all of this freaking out will motivate voters in November. But for these groups the horse may have left the barn by November.

(From The Virginian-Pilot)

Narrowly outnumbered in the Senate, Democrats are embarking on a Hail Mary campaign to block President Donald Trump’s pick for the U.S. Supreme Court.

And they realize what a long shot it is.

“Let’s be clear: Democrats have no way to hold up this confirmation or delay the process. Mitch McConnell can and will hold a vote on Trump’s pick,” Indivisible — a liberal advocacy group launched after Trump’s election — said on its website.

Flipping a moderate Republican is probably their only hope. And that only works if they can keep Democrats who represent red states that Trump won from breaking ranks.

The Dems would still have to deal with a tie vote if they “flipped” a senator. Then Vice President Pence has a vote. Plus there are Democrats who aren’t even secure for the Democrats.

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