Did a sitting member of Congress just call for a military COUP to overthrow President Trump?

Look Trump has plenty of issues. His ham handedness is one. However, I just listened to the entire press conference from Helsinki and aside from Trump hitting a slightly too soft diplomatic tone, I heard nothing that warrants some of the obviously planned outrage coming from some of the #oldmedia outlets this afternoon. These people still want to think that Trump didn’t just flat out win. They want to think that the political implosion they have been in the middle of was because of the Russians. That their world, the whole Obama/Hillary edifice, was destroyed not because the American people rejected them and that Trump, yes TRUMP, bested them, but because a Russian boogeyman manipulated the poor stupid dolts in flyover country.

Then there are some, too many really, who know that they just lost flat out in 2016 but cling to the Russia thing to save face. It’s a mantra they can repeat that fools some of the dimmer voters out there and may keep the Democratic Party from blowing up. Hold onto Russia. Cling to like a deplorable does his religion and guns.

Did Russia try to involve itself in our election? It looks like it tried to. Trump should have said something much more clear on this point. It would have put Putin on the spot to some extent, which is what Trump likely was trying to avoid, but it probably should have been said.  

But did any Russian “meddling” matter at all? Everything at this point points to NO, it did not matter.

Regardless, a member of Congress shouldn’t be popping off like this. And Cohen is talking about “treason”? You’re a member of Congress sir.