Disneyland Hikes Some Wages to $15 an Hour after Outcry over Worker Poverty

(From The Guardian)

Seeking to mute bad publicity about workers sleeping in their cars and relying on union food banks, Walt Disney Co has agreed to increase its minimum pay rate for some workers from $11 per hour to $15.

Members of four unions representing ticket takers, ride operators, cleaners, store employees and truck and bus drivers at the southern California Disneyland resort complex in Anaheim – often nicknamed “the happiest place on earth” – approved the deal and agreed to call off a hunger strike and protest that they had planned on Friday.

Disney and local business leaders were quick to congratulate themselves on a “historic” and “unprecedented” deal, but members of the two largest unions at the resort, representing food service and hotel workers, were not included. Neither were several thousand non-union workers. Disneyland employs about 30,000 people, while the deal covers about 8,600 of them. . . .

The stage is now set for a brutal showdown over an initiative expected to be put before Anaheim voters in November to expand the $15-per-hour minimum wage to employees of any large company that has received city subsidies.

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