SHOCK! California DMV Audit Reveals Outrageous Example Of Government Incompetence

(Painting by Tooker)


This comes to us from a friend of the site who is deep behind the lines in San Fransisco. Surprise, the DMV is not exactly efficient there.

Seriously, can you imagine what the DMV in San Francisco must be like? Hell comes to mind.

(From The Daily Wire)

With the Democrats’ heightening embrace of socialism, a gander at a recent audit of California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) might serve as a wake-up call to the unromanticized reality of what widespread socialism would really look like.

For example, the audit, which was released on Tuesday, uncovered plenty of expected government incompetence, including the revelation that an employee slept for three hours on the job every single day for three years. And here’s the kicker: despite racking up numerous complaints from colleagues, the sleepy DVM worker remains employed by the state, receiving a paycheck funded by the taxpayers to this day.

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