“Drug company representatives are bombarding state Medicaid drug committees with money, perks, and information to influence their decisions”

Government has pools of money. Your money. As such crony companies seek to get their hands on the money that is extracted from taxpayers. It’s the crony way.

(From The Daily Caller)

In many states, doctors and pharmacists, often volunteers, sit on committees to decide what drugs will be on Medicaid’s preferred drugs list. “Preferred” drugs are supposed to be the best “deal” for state Medicaid programs, providing effectiveness with low cost, the National Council of State Legislatures explains.

Doctors often have to fill out cumbersome, extensive paperwork to prescribe drugs not on the preferred list to Medicaid patients. This incentivizes doctors to stick to the preferred lists. Since doctors are more likely to choose preferred drugs, it can mean big dollars for pharmaceutical companies to get on these lists.

The problem is that drug companies are infiltrating these committees both through paying other doctors to testify to them and paying committee members themselves, the Center for Public Integrity report explains.

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