Ex-FBI Lawyer Plans to Defy Congressional Subpoena to Testify on Anti-Trump Texts

(From Politico)

Lisa Page, the former FBI attorney whose anti-Trump text messages have fueled President Donald Trump’s contention that the bureau’s Russia investigation is a “witch hunt” against him, intends to defy a congressional subpoena demanding her testimony on Wednesday, Page’s lawyer says.

Page’s attorney, Amy Jeffress, said the House Judiciary Committee — which issued the subpoena on Saturday — failed to provide her with enough detail about the nature of lawmakers’ questions and that the FBI had so far refused to provide key documents for her to review.

“As a result, Lisa is not going to appear for an interview at this time,” Jeffress said in a statement.

The decision scrambles House Republicans’ efforts to get Page’s testimony ahead of a public hearing Thursday with Peter Strzok, the FBI counterintelligence agent who was on the receiving end of Page’s texts and shared his own anti-Trump sentiment with her.

By obtaining Page’s testimony in a closed-door deposition on Wednesday, committee Republicans would be armed with material to grill Strzok the next day. But now they may not get that chance.

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