Facebook is on pace for its worst day ever

In most respects Facebook has been a pretty good partner for us. But there’s always work to do as the company knows.

Below is the price at 12:57 PM.

And let’s not forget George Soros’s threats of earlier this year. The enemies of Facebook have gone after the company in Europe first.

(From CNBC)

On a call with analysts, Facebook delivered some jarring warnings to investors, saying it expected its revenue growth rates to be lower than the year prior, especially in the second half of this year. (Facebook has a history of earnings calls that hurt the stock.)

At least three analysts downgraded the stock after the report, and many on Wall Street raised concerns about the company’s policies and forecast.

As of early trading Thursday, Facebook was essentially flat in 2018 and up just 7 percent for the past 12 months. The stock is flirting with bear market territory — nearly 20 percent off its 52-week high — after having clawed its way back from those levels hit on the heels of the Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal earlier this year.

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