Friday Fun: The Kinks knew where Britain was headed 45 years ago (VIDEO)

One of the great albums of the era. Though not widely known in the States.


Statism, big government, war, is the 20th Century. Let’s evolve.

We have to wrestle power away from the busybodies. They’ll never stop. They can’t stop. It’s a wiring thing. They have to be in control. That is the essence of socialism, crony capitalism, and statism in general.

Consider that in Britain a man recently went to jail for having a potato peeler on his person. (The cops said it was too much like a knife, which are illegal. And I mean like a kitchen knife.) What happened Britain? Oh, yeah.

From the song:

“I was born in the welfare state, ruled by bureaucracy, controlled by civil servants, and people dressed in grey, Got not privacy, got no liberty, ’cause the 20th Century people took it all away from me…”