Has the US Navy thought this new frigate through? New report raises questions.

The “great” thing about a giant defense contracts that aren’t “thought through” is that such contracts are invariably expensive. This is good for the cronies. Not so good for the taxpayers.

(From Defense News)

The U.S. Navy is rapidly moving toward procuring the first hull in its new class of frigate in 2020, but a new report is raising questions about whether the Navy has done detailed analysis about what it needs out of the ship before barging ahead.

The Navy may not have done an adequate job of analyzing gaps and capabilities shortfalls before it set itself on a fast-track to buying the so-called FFG(X) as an adaptation from a parent design, said influential Navy analyst Ron O’Rourke in a new Congressional Research Service report…

May not have.” We like that.

…a process that relies heavily on subjective judgments can be vulnerable to group-think, can overlook counter-intuitive results regarding capability gaps and mission needs, and, depending on the leaders involved, can emphasize those leaders’ understanding of the Navy’s needs.”

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