HHS Official Who Spread Conspiracy Theories Resigns

HHS Building, Washington, DC. Credit: MBisanz

(From UPI)

President Donald Trump’s Health and Human Services Department appointee resigned Friday, after a flux of controversies regarding anti-Muslim statements and spreading conspiracies.

Ximena Barreto, appointed in December to a communications post, was placed on leave in April following media reports that she used social media to spread conspiracy theories about a supposed pizza shop sex ring and made inflammatory remarks about Muslims.

After issuing a public apology, Barreto returned to work but was removed from her post as deputy director of communications and reassigned to HHS’ Administration for Children & Families.

Barreto’s resignation, first reported by Politico, is the third from the HHS following Gavin Smith, a communications staffer who publicly attacked lawmakers and reporters, and Tim Clark, who served as White House liaison.

Among the conspiracy theories spread by Barreto include Hillary Clinton engaging in a child-sex ring at a Washington pizza shop, being involved in the murder of Democratic National Committee aide Seth Rich and Clinton employing pedophiles in her campaign.

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