In rebuke of Dianne Feinstein, Kevin de León wins endorsement of California Democrats in Senate race

There are few people in the Senate who are more interested in controlling the actions of others than Diane Feinstein. From guns, to journalism, to soap the woman wants to regulate everything. And like most people prone to regulation fever she is no stranger to crony capitalism. As such there is little love for her in these digital pages.

And consider this video from her last election.

But for her party to solidly give her the brush off is interesting. Not that she won’t probably waltz to reelection in November. Which is one of the reasons this endorsement went the way it did. If the Dems were in any kind of jeopardy the party would have fallen in line right behind Feinstein in its endorsement. Everyone can “keep it real” and cover themselves from the out and out socialists without much consequence. This could even be a deal with Feinstein. (Though it’s hard to see her allowing such a thing to happen.)

Cali, at the moment is a one party state and with each passing day, as it continues to deteriorate, it shows it.

(From The LA Times)

It’s not clear that the endorsement will have a significant effect on the general election. Feinstein crushed De León in the June primary, winning every county and finishing in first place with 44% of the overall vote. De León finished far behind with 12%, which was enough for a second-place finish and a ticket to the November election under the state’s top-two primary system.

The endorsement can come with hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign money, which the De León campaign will have to help raise, as well as party volunteers and political organizing assistance. De León needs that support to increase his odds of victory in November. Feinstein had $7 million in campaign cash socked away as of May, 10 times what De León had.

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