John Fund: Why EPA’s Scott Pruitt had to go (and what to expect from the EPA now)

Pruitt had serious issues. It’s probably best that he has moved on.

(From Fox News)

“This administration gives regulators a lot more power than most,” said an energy expert who has advised President Trump. “The White House is preoccupied with other battles, and it gave Pruitt full rein to change the EPA culture. With him gone, you can expect reforms, but with none of the hard-charging zeal Pruitt had.”

Asked to speculate on what caused Pruitt to veer so off course and make such poor judgment calls in running the EPA, my source said simply: “Pruitt had two failings. He had never worked a day in Washington, D.C., before taking the job, so he had no idea of the level of scrutiny he’d get. Second, the same personality traits that made him a risk-taker on changing policy carried over into other decisions he made. That resulted in some bizarro actions by him that no one could defend.”

So while President Trump has unburdened himself of a political liability, he now must decide if he will pay more attention to the EPA to ensure the deregulation agenda that Pruitt started is completed and expanded.

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