Max Boot, pro-regime change, pro-war neoconservative, now former Republican, basically compares Trump’s GOP to the Nazi Party

What is going on here? Seriously? The Russia thing isn’t working so now they are trying to play up the “Trump is a Nazi” and you are a horrible, deplorable person if you like him in any way? That’s the tack this week?

For those who don’t know, Mr. Boot is a longtime big shot at the Council on Foreign Relations and a leading figure in the neoconservative (which is to say big government at home, and radically interventionist overseas, basically NOT CONSERVATIVE) “movement.”

For those who would like to get a real sense of Mr. Boot I suggest you watch this clip with Tucker Carlson.

I’m not going to fully get into it here, but this man, Boot, was/is a full on unapologetic advocate for possibly the biggest mistake this country has made in the last 100 years foreign policy wise, The Iraq War. And consider the other mistakes we’ve made in the last century. But yet he still has a place at the table?

See, this is why I never get invited to CFR cocktail parties.

Also this guy keeps calling himself a “conservative.” He also calls Bill Kristol a “conservative” in the attached column. On what planet?

No no, you guys are NEOCONSERVATIVES. As we said, conservatives and neoconservatives are very different things.

Max is part of the crowd that thought they would run the foreign policy show forever. They thought that either Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush would win and that their interventionist big government utopian thinking would continue to rein in Washington DC and in the Middle East. But then Trump won and their careers, and their stock, dropped sharply. It’s mostly sour grapes not principal with Mr. Boot.

(From The Washington Post)

Explaining my decision, I noted that Trumpkins “want to transform the GOP into a European-style nationalist party that opposes cuts in entitlement programs, believes in deportation of undocumented immigrants, white identity politics, protectionism and isolationism backed by hyper-macho threats to bomb the living daylights out of anyone who messes with us.” I still hoped then that traditional conservatives might eventually prevail, but, I wrote, “I can no longer support a party that doesn’t know what it stands for — and that in fact may stand for positions that I find repugnant.”

Whoah. Whoah. Whoah. Wait a second there Max. “Backed by hyper-macho threats to bomb the living daylights out of anyone who messes with us.” Seriously, you, one of the key advocates of the failed Iraq policy are seriously going into this rhetorical neighborhood? That’s what Iraq was all about.

Oh wait, maybe not. You know why? Because Iraq didn’t “mess with us.” But you guys wanted to plant your flag in the middle of the Middle East, a place the USA should not be.

As for a GOP that doesn’t know what it stands for, at least it isn’t like the neocon group that does know what it stands for, namely war, death, sticking our nose in places we shouldn’t be, wasting trillions in deserts far from us, and generally pursuing the un-American idea of empire. I think most Republicans would take a little meandering over that ANY DAY.

And just for the record Mr. Boot, many of the Americans who suffered in the wars you championed are the people you now dismiss as “Trumpkins.” A good number of those “Trumpkins” lost limbs (and/or their sanity) fighting in the conflicts you thought were so damn necessary.

In Mr. Boot’s Washpo Op-Ed, which of course ran on Independence Day, we see a guy who wants to regain his former status. Who wants desperately to remain relevant. To keep getting invitations to the “right” cocktail parties.

Is Trump too big government? In some (way too many) respects yes. But Boot isn’t against big government. Boot doesn’t like that Trump’s policy isn’t George Bush’s. Boot doesn’t like that Trump embraces a more realistic (as in foreign policy Realism) foreign policy approach which is more pragmatic than Boot’s neocon dream US driven “regime change” and unprovoked war.

Boot got booted and he is still sore. And will likely remain so.

Also, Max and his crowd are the same people who hated Ron Paul because Ron Paul was for peace. They hated Rand too and unleashed on Rand in the primaries trying to clear the way for Jeb.

Then they got Trump instead. Go figure.