May on the rocks as two ministers quit over Brexit plan, Pro-Brexit ministers say her plan would make UK a “colony” of the EU


Brexit was a revolt against The European Union, Germany, the big banks, and by extension, crony capitalism. As such the crony class in Britain and in the EU (headed by George Soros) has fought Brexit at every turn. How dare the Brits turn their backs on US? Who do they think they are a sovereign state or something?

(From Yahoo)

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s government imploded on Monday as Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson followed Brexit minister David Davis in resigning over her plan for Britain’s future outside the European Union.

Johnson warned Britain was headed for the “status of colony” of the European Union after it leaves in March, and said the Brexit “dream is dying”.

His dramatic resignation followed those of Davis and his deputy Steve Banker overnight over May’s plans to keep Britain economically close to the bloc.

The departures, hailed by eurosceptic MPs in the ruling Conservative party, triggered speculation that May could face an imminent leadership contest.

Sounds like it’s time.

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