McCaskill Says Her ‘Jaw Dropped’ at $1k Cost for GOP Fundraiser With Trump. It Cost $98k to Host Her Fundraiser With Obama.


Senator McCaskill has bigger things to worry about these days given her hometown paper’s investigation of her husband’s business dealings.

(From The Washington Free Beacon)

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) wrote in an email to supporters that her “jaw dropped” at the $1,000 price tag for her Republican opponent Josh Hawley’s fundraiser with President Donald Trump, but campaign filings show McCaskill had an even higher price tag for her fundraiser with former President Barack Obama.

“My jaw dropped when I saw how much money Hawley has been demanding for a chance to rub elbows with Trump—tickets go for $1,000 or more,” McCaskill wrote in a fundraising email. She goes on to say, “Hawley’s relying on far-right billionaires” while she’s “always depended on a few bucks at a time from grassroots folks like you to keep me fighting another day.”…

Fundraising emails often take on the desperate tone exhibited by McCaskill, but her claim of being shocked by the fundraiser’s price tag is hard to believe given her own fundraising history.

When McCaskill was joined by Obama for a Beverly Hills fundraiser earlier this year, campaign finance filings indicate that her hosts, including film executive Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife, shelled out $98,600 to McCaskill 2018 Victory.

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