Michigan State Police Pose As Panhandlers To Catch Drivers Not Wearing Seatbelts


This sort of thing just makes people resent cops. Protect and serve. But serve whom? Whoever put his guys out there doing this really should reconsider. It’s probably not doing much for the community.

Of course all the seatbelt ticket money is probably making someone somewhere happy in Michigan government.

(From WWJN)

At the corner of I-696 and Southfield Road in Southfield, a man wearing casual street clothes — including a camouflage vest and straw hat — holds a sign that reads: “Buckle up; seatbelts save lives.”

The undercover officer is working as a spotter, according to police, looking out for seatbelt violators, as well as people who are texting while driving, turning on red, etc. When he spots a driver whom he believes is breaking the law, he will radio ahead to troopers in cars or on motorcycles a little ways up the road, describe the vehicle, and they will make a traffic stop.

Police say you should consider yourself warned.

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