New Republic: Bernie ins’t socialist ENOUGH, Doesn’t support government ownership of industries etc

This is where we are in 2018. The Marxists are going full Marxist. And as everyone knows one should never go “full Marxist.” One just looks historically and economically illiterate. (Among other things.)

It doesn’t matter if you THINK socialism is a tool for justice, you are flat out wrong. I know that in today’s morally relativistic post-modern world this might come as a shock to you and the rest of the sociology department, but you are flat out wrong. Oppression is what socialism is all about. It is uni-corporatism. It is state feudalism.

It works like this.

A nomenklatura, a crony class, controls the government. This crony class thinks it has all the answers and so seeks to “manage” the economy. (And everything else.) As this is impossible, and reality starts to dawn on the crony privileged class, the politically connected make sure they get what can be gotten for themselves as the economy fails over time. Meanwhile everyday people suffer along, but they are told that at least they aren’t “oppressed.” Then the people laugh and pour themselves another drink.

Socialism is economic oppression. It is about restricting freedom and liberty. It is a totalitarian philosophy whether it’s “democratic” socialism or not.

Hitler, it should be remembered, was “democratic National Socialism,” (the Nazis, always referred to themselves as National Socialists, not “Nazis”) but this is not widely understood. He was a socialist, and he was elected.

This article from The New Republic is amazing, as it explains that Bernie Sanders isn’t keeping it real enough for “real” socialists these days, who should be more like the Stalinish Jermey Corbin in the United Kingdom. (Or we assume Nicholas Maduro in Venezuela.)

You see Bernie hasn’t outwardly called for the government ownership of industries. Plus, as is hinted, Bernie just can’t “get it,” because he doesn’t fit the proper demographic.

So the “woke” people want to go full Marxist? You want to toss out all that we know of Marxism’s evils because you want to fill that existential hole in your life? (This is why Marxism really is a religion.) You endorse oppression and economic idiocy because you think the world isn’t fair?

You know what’s not fair? Taxing people’s livelihood away. The oppression of free speech. Bullying people who understand that your “woke” religion is a bunch of bull.The gulag. The socialist driven genocide we saw in Russia and the Ukraine, the Holodomor, in China, In Cambodia, in Ethiopia, and in many other places.

Your cult has failed everywhere it has gone socialists. It’s not the way forward. It’s backward. It’s regressive. It is a religion for busybodies.

(From The New Republic)

It’s certainly true that Sanders is to the left of most Democrats. But contrary to how he’s often portrayed in the media, he is not a doctrinaire leftist. His principal benefit to the left has been to mainstream certain beliefs—namely, that access to health care, education, and living wages are rights, not luxuries. But Sanders is not a revolutionary. His views aren’t even entirely consistent with democratic socialism, the political tradition he claims. It’s one thing to call for breaking up the big banks, and quite another to call for the nationalization of private industries.

Sanders isn’t just to the right of the average American socialist; he’s to the right of Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the U.K.’s Labour Party. While nationalization is a key pillar of the party’s platform, it is ground politicians in the United States still fear to tread. In similar fashion, Sanders has yet to put forward a coherent leftist vision for foreign policy, a needless failure considering socialism’s historical commitment to the prosperity of working people around the world.

“Socialism’s historical commitment to the prosperity of working people around the world.” THIS nonsense is believed by some people. They REALLY believe it. Again, these are the “useful idiots” of which Lenin spoke. Just keep genuflecting toward the hammer and sickle “socialists,” see what that gets you.

Hint: It won’t be prosperity for working people.