Pfizer Hikes Prices on 100 Drugs

(From The Hill)

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer raised prices on about 100 drugs this week, the second round of increases for the company this year.

Overall, many of the drugs’ prices have increased by double-digit percentages this year, according to Ars Technica. The Financial Times first reported the price hike.

Among the drugs [that] have seen price hikes are Viagra, the erectile disfunction drug, and Norvasc blood pressure pills.

The increased prices come amid heightened focus from lawmakers on drug prices.

President Trump has vowed to address high drug costs, and said in May that drug companies would “voluntarily” begin to reduce prices in the coming weeks. . . .

However, companies have not yet announced voluntary cuts, and Trump administration officials have declined to provide further information on what Trump’s remarks meant.

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