Rival Koreas Discuss Easing Military Confrontation

(From AP News)

Generals from the rival Koreas met Tuesday at their shared border for talks on easing their countries’ decades-long military standoff, the second such meeting since their leaders held a landmark summit in April and pledged to reduce the danger of another war on the peninsula.

The meeting comes days after North Korea returned the reported remains of U.S. war dead, the most recent sign of positive diplomacy after last year’s threats of war.

The Korean generals met at the border village of Panmunjom and discussed the implementation of agreements from the inter-Korean summit on non-nuclear military issues. Some experts say South Korea can’t agree on any drastic measures to reduce animosity unless the North takes serious steps toward nuclear disarmament.

In the April 27 summit, the leaders of the Koreas agreed to disarm a jointly controlled area at Panmunjom, work to prevent accidental clashes along their disputed western sea boundary and halt all hostile acts. Since then, the Koreas have dismantled their frontline propaganda loudspeakers, restored a military hotline and held their first general-level talks since 2007.

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