Seattle’s mayor may have ordered the wrong streetcars for the city’s transit system, They don’t fit on the tracks

If there is one thing that is consistent across all of America’s one party big cities it is dysfunction. From New York, to Baltimore, to Detroit, to Chicago, to San Fransisco, to Seattle, cluelessness, waste, graft (legal and otherwise), overregulation, and crime facilitated by stupid economic policies is the NORM. Crony capitalism and busybodiness is the NORM. It is just a given that such cities are havens of corruption. We ACCEPT this.

But why?

(From The Daily Caller)

The mayor has already prepared the city’s residents for the possibility that the $52 million spent on the project could all go down the municipal drain.

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) wanted the 10 new streetcars in order to merge the current system, where the lines are separated. But the ones that they ordered are probably the wrong size to fit the tracks, as the new streetcars are substantially larger than the old ones.

Hey, someone is getting paid on the other end of that drain. And now they might get paid again.

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