Tesla is enlisting workers from all over the company in an urgent push to build batteries and cars

One reason Tesla needs so many hands on deck at Fremont, workers explained, is because the company introduced an all-manual, no-robot line under a tent to ramp up Model 3 production.

Hey, guess what? That airbag in your Tesla was installed by Bill in accounting. Happy driving!

It sounds like Musk is doing everything he can to keep the crony flywheel turning.

(From CNBC)

Electric vehicle maker Tesla is taking urgent steps to add workers to its vehicle and battery plants, including flying employees in from out of state and putting them up in hotels, and temporarily enlisting employees from unrelated divisions.

Extra hands are welcome at the factory as Tesla strives to produce 5,000 or more Model 3 sedans each week — a number the company says it must sustain to become profitable long-term. However, shifting employees to work in the factory strains budgets and other business units, according to seven current and former employees. Some of these people requested anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to press.

According to one call center worker, California Tesla owners are facing longer wait times for repairs and other appointments because so many service hands are busy at the factory. It used to take a customer in central California about two days before getting an appointment with a mechanic, this person said, but now it takes at least a week or longer just to get in the door.

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