The European establishment can’t and won’t admit its dependency on the USA, seeks to insult the US president (and the American people), Trump shrugs

Trump has positives and negatives. On the negative side his love of tariffs concerns us greatly. But on the positive side the fact that the establishment on both sides of the Atlantic is apoplectic in the face of Trump is fantastic. Such disruption was sorely needed. For decades now a core group of technocrats, Davos Man, the EU, the old Dems and GOP, have sought to keep things as they were. That is, very cozy for themselves. Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the next stage of this order. But then Trump came along and blew it up.

Varney is right here. Sadiq Kahn is a disgrace. The mayor of London not only dislikes Trump, he appears to dislike the USA. Mr. Kahn resents Brexit. Mr. Kahn resents the awakening that Brexit represents. He sees Trump as part of this awakening. And just when Hillary was about to kick open the doors.

Take a look at this picture from Mr. Kahn’s visit to Afghanistan. It is Kahn and what looks like a British base commander. Let’s just say that the two men do not seem to be seeing eye to eye. (And I am not talking about height.)

The Europeans would prefer that the president of the US not speak in such blunt terms. Everything is fine.You keep paying for our defense and we’ll keep financing our failing welfare states. They can not STAND that Trump might cut them off. They just can not stand it. Who is TRUMP to put THEM in their place?