The Memo: Dems grapple with Trump’s resilience

Love him or hate him, the guy is resilient.

(From The Hill)

President Trump’s approval rating is largely unchanged in the first polls to emerge after his widely criticized performance at last week’s joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin — and Democrats are scratching their heads.

It’s worth noting that Dems were scratching their heads after the border kerfuffle too. Remember that?

Different findings even within the same polls can lead to very different conclusions, however.

In the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, for example, the share of Americans who said they strongly approve of Trump, 29 percent, was far outweighed by the 44 percent who strongly disapprove.

That should mean Democrats can expect much greater intensity among their base — a factor that could be vital since Democratic-leaning voting blocs tend to turn out less reliably in midterm elections than in presidential contests.

On the other hand, the same poll showed that the Democrats’ lead in the so-called generic ballot — where voters nationwide are asked which party they would prefer to control Congress — had shrunk to 6 percentage points. This is a notable slippage from the 10-point advantage the party enjoyed just a month before.

To some observers, that calls into question the idea of a “blue wave” that might sweep Democrats into power in the House or the Senate after November — even if few independent voices back the president’s claim, made on Twitter last month, that there might be a “Red Wave” for Republicans instead.

How about we toss out the “red” and “blue” simpleton language. Red is a color usually associated with the Left. Think Bernie Sanders or The Soviet Union. Blue is traditionally a conservative color, long associated with the GOP, the Tories in the UK etc.

Also note this observation from Bob Shrum, one of the Democrat’s longest standing hangers on.

“I just think there is a deep emotional investment in him by a shrinking Republican Party,” Shrum said, “He speaks to the politics of resentment, he speaks to the anxieties — though I think his remedies are absurd — of people who think they have been left behind, and so they don’t want to give up on him.”

Perhaps. But perhaps this could also be wishful thinking from Shrum, who is given to wishful thinking. The Dems have long hung their hopes on a “shrinking Republican Party.” You know, full of deplorables. The Dems paid dearly in 2016 for this assumption.

Regardless, it looks like we are shifting into mid summer/early fall wait and see mode already. The mid-terms promise to be interesting. How could they not be at this point?

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