The Political War Against President Trump. Brennan, Clapper dare to talk about “treason”? C’mon.

This is an excellent piece and it raises an interesting question without raising it explicitly.

Are the “old media,” Democrats, and other partisans actually doing exactly what Putin (and say the Chinese) would want? Sure seems like it.

(From Real Clear Politics)

Witness that this is the same intelligence community that had been led, under President Obama, by CIA chief John Brennan — who admitted in a polygraph test that in 1980, at a dangerous point in the Cold War, he voted for Communist Party candidate Gus Hall for president. That the Communist Party USA was loyal to the Soviet Union should be lost on no one. That Brennan would have been allowed to run the Central Intelligence Agency is itself nothing short of amazing. Such was the lack of moral and intellectual seriousness exercised by Congress during the Obama administration. That he should call President Trump’s press conference with Putin “nothing short of treasonous” is the act of an intelligence operative who wishes to bring down a government.

Both Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper are hard-core leftists who, although they lacked any credible evidence, lent credibility to this notion of Russian collusion — and hence gave credence to the Mueller investigation. It appears that their purpose was to signal to Washington’s ruling class that the intelligence community was going to resist the transformation of American politics that the election of Donald Trump had ushered in. Even stranger, that ruling class is now the protectorate of the US intelligence community. The testimony and actions of the FBI’s Peter Strzok bear this out.

For the record, let us state that Russia meddles in the affairs of the United States and has done so for the past century. It is what a great nation would do to influence world events to its liking. Russian intelligence services are masters at manipulations great and small. When called upon they can do everything from foment domestic insurrections to sponsor terrorism while ensuring plausible deniability. Hacking into the DNC servers is not quite so challenging.

At the height of the Cold War, the Soviet Union annually spent billions in an attempt to demoralize the United States and undermine the West. Its method was to engage in sophisticated disinformation campaigns and deception operations around the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the cultural conflicts of the ’60s and ’70s, and the campaign for nuclear disarmament, to name but a few. During that time, Soviet intelligence had agents of influence in Washington and around the U.S. In this effort, the Soviets had thousands of university professors, left-wing intellectuals and journalists who were “useful idiots” in the anti-Americanism that pervaded Washington’s political discourse, and the universities that educated America’s children. The world we live in today and many who lead this country on the political left have been shaped by this anti-Americanism. Such is world politics.

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