The Reaction from the Pro-War Left to Helsinki Has Been Deeply Disappointing (A short editorial from your Editor)

So the neocons have fully gone back over to the Democratic Party is that it?

War all the time. Putin, a sideshow, RUSSIA IS AT BEST A REGIONAL POWER, is supposed to consume us so, what, we can sell more weapons and continue a Cold War that should have ended for good in 1991? This is really disheartening. At least the Left at one point was sorta kinda for peace. This is just disgusting. Many people think this is the one chance to get at Trump before the elections and as such it appears to your editor that many powerful people are fully willing to hurt the United States in an effort to take down Trump.

Trump’s not Putin’s puppet. He should have been more forceful on the trumped up meddling bit, because it looks like non consequential (as far as we know to date) meddling does appear to have been attempted. (Again this is not unexpected. We’ll bet the European Union, the Saudi’s, the Chinese, the Israelis, and probably other countries had operations going on around our elections. Not that it is OK, but everyone [in intel] knows this stuff is going on.)

But for some people, including many people in Washington who know, and I mean KNOW better to try to exploit Helsinki in an effort to whip the eyes of the “resistance” is not good for the country. I am disappointed. Much of America, you know the non-Anderson Cooper America is disappointed with the pro-war Left propagandists too.

Peace is the way forward.