These American Scholars Say Russophobia Is Running Amok In the U.S.

This is a pretty even handed interview (for the most part) on Russia from Vice, which is usually pretty left wing. We submit it for our readers’ review.

It appears to us that there are people in this country who are willing to practically do anything in their effort to take down this president. They saw Trump gain traction at the North Korea summit and they weren’t going to let the opportunity to go after Trump slip by them again.

Plus Trump stumbled. He should have been more forceful in his language with Putin but having watched the entire press conference which sent the partisans into the stratosphere (again) it looked to your editor that Trump was trying to be diplomatic. But as we said he stumbled.

Now, with a president who has overcome attack after attack, with another Supreme Court pick waiting in the wings (much of this unhinged rabidness is about this and other domestic issues, not Russia) who has essentially erased what constituted the Obama “legacy” in 18 months, with a mid-term election coming which could in some ways determine whether the Democrats remain viable in any way over the next 5 or more years, the partisans have come out with everything they can. It’s Battle of the Bulge type situation. A desperate all out offensive in the face of impending change. We’ll see if the Dems fare better than Hitler did.