This “liberal” takedown of PC conformist culture comes to us from a lefty friend of this website, Brilliant commentary from the UK

“It’s almost as if cultural norms aren’t fixed, and change with the passage of time!”



It is brilliant but the clip is FILLED with F words so if you don’t care to hear profanity please pass this one by. It is however quite good even with the F words.

Little House on the Prairie is not a tool of racism/sexism/nativism/or whatever, and neither are 98% of the things the political correctness zealots get worked up about.

This guy is dead on. PC is anti-intellectual. It is a tool of intellectual oppression. It is collective stupidity in many respects. Just because these cultural brownshirts wear rainbows and pink knitted caps and spin off about privilege doesn’t mean they aren’t brownshirts. PC is a totalitarian cult.

Again, be warned, lots of bad language ahead.