This surgeon wants to offer cheap MRIs. A state crony law is getting in his way.

Singh’s imaging center is also providing X-rays for $70, ultrasounds for $200 or $250 (remember, his discovering he must pay $1,200 is what started this venture), and echocardiograms for $300. He said he started by seeing cash-only patients but expanded to accept most kinds of insurance by the beginning of 2018.


Multiply this kind of stupidity out by a bazillion and one starts to get a sense of what government run (socialized) healthcare would be like. Systems need to be lean and nimble. Government is anything but lean and nimble. This is crony capitalism for sure. But the answer is to liberalize healthcare not further smother it in more bureaucracy. It is because government got involved in the first place that prices are so high.

(From Vox)

Dr. Gajendra Singh walked out of his local hospital’s outpatient department last year, having been told an ultrasound for some vague abdominal pain he was feeling would cost $1,200 or so, and decided enough was enough. If he was balking at the price of a routine medical scan, what must people who weren’t well-paid medical professionals be thinking?

The India-born surgeon decided he would open his own imaging center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and charge a lot less. Singh launched his business in August and decided to post his prices, as low as $500 for an MRI, on a banner outside the office building and on his website.

There was just one barrier to fully realizing his vision: a North Carolina law that he and his lawyers argue essentially gives hospitals a monopoly over MRI scans and other services.

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