Total Disconnect: CNN Host Proclaims ‘National Emergency’

Trump’s just the president. It’s OK people. You’ll survive. We are not fans of his trade policies and a bunch of other things, but Trump in many respects (not all) is LESS RADICAL THAN BUSH OR OBAMA.

Bush = 2 massive wars of choice and God only knows how many less than massive wars of choice. Medicare Part D. Officially santcioned torture. Abu Ghraib. The bailouts. The bailouts. The bailouts.

Obama = Obamacare. The continuation of the neocon wars and the escalation of the war in Afganistan. The (thankfully failed) “fundamental transformation of America.” The ramping up of racialism after a period of societal detente and some real progress. “You didn’t build that.” The continuation and expansion of bailouts for corporations. The “green rush” which pumped billions of dollars into the pockets of connected crony “sustainable” capitalists. And so much more.

Trump is doing mostly basic president stuff. It’s a change in some ways, but for the most part it isn’t starting a war in Iraq, or manipulating Congress into passing Obamacare with the help of the insurance companies and Big Pharma.

But he’s being met with massive opposition by people who thought Obama “was a good” president. These people think Obama, Obama, was totally reasonable. But Trump? Oh no. He’s a crypto-nazi or something like that.

It’s stupid. Trump’s made mistakes and he’s made some good decisions. He’s a president. That happens. It’s just that some people don’t care for his “tone.” Some people are offended by who he is and how he says things. If anything both Bush and Obama were much bigger “emergencies” than Trump as noted above. But because the propaganda class has been challenged by Trump, often fairly, but sometimes unfairly, some “journalists” are in a snit. And they don’t seem to be able to get past it.

Trump’s a big government guy in many respects. He has crony tendencies. (Like all presidents.) It’s just that he seems to know how to get at his opponents in a visceral way and it drives them absolutely nuts.

Who knows? Mueller seems to be prepping everyone for some kind of announcement before the midterms. It’d be pretty surprising if he didn’t do something. Maybe Mueller and the anti-Trumpers will have something to hang their hats on this fall. We’ll see.

But as for “an emergency?” It might be for CNN. It’s not for the rest of the country by and large. In many ways, it’s quite the opposite.

CNN knows this.

(From CNSNews)

Baron acknowledged the Post is “more blunt about calling out falsehoods” than it was previously “because there are so many of them and they’re so blatant.” Then he added: “Steve Bannon tried to call us the opposition party. We don’t see ourselves as the opposition party and we’re not inclined to embrace the notions of some people who would like us to be the opposition party. We’re an independent news organization. We’re independent of all parties and all ideologies.”

Baloney. Baron simply cannot believe that, unless the Kool-Aid is stronger than we thought. Wouldn’t it be fun to find out just how many Washington Post reporters and editors voted for Hillary Clinton over Trump? If a single Trump voter could be found in the newsroom, that would be a surprise. How “independent of all parties” would the Post look then? We found in 2016 that among the Post employees who donated to candidates for federal office in recent years, 15 donated only to Democrats and one advertising sales manager gave to $200 to former Gov. Mitt Romney.

CNN, The Post, The Times, MSNBC, we understand see themselves as Trump’s opposition. It’s the flip side of being Obama/Clinton mouthpieces for a decade.

We The People are cautious with Trump, but don’t act like you the #oldmedia are the “good guys.” We know you. We’ve known you for many many years. We know what you are about.