Trump to Merkel in meeting: “Angela, you owe me $1 trillion,”

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Merkel owes Trump nothing. Whether Germany owes the US something is a different matter. However, what is “owed” is often (not always) a matter of contract. We may have allowed ourselves to become locked into a bad contract.

Man, the Eurocrats probably hate Trump more than the Democrats do.

Well, perhaps at least as much.

(From Newsweek)

President Donald Trump reportedly greeted German Chancellor Angela Merkel with a massive bill when she visited him soon after he entered the White House.

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“Angela, you owe me $1 trillion,” Trump said, referring to the gulf between what Germany agreed to contribute to its defense under a NATO arrangement and what it actually spent over the previous 14 years, an official briefed on the meeting told The Wall Street Journal in a story published Sunday.

Trump’s brash remark to Merkel more than a year ago showcases his insistence that U.S. allies pay more for their defense—a stance he has maintained ahead of the NATO summit later this week.

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