Tucker Carlson: The Cold War Is Over. The World Has Changed. Time To Rethink America’s Alliances.

(From Real Clear Politics)

On Tuesday’s broadcast of his FOX News show, Tucker Carlson delivered a monologue on Trump’s critics hate the idea of rethinking or correcting any of the countless blunders they’ve made over the years. On the big questions, Trump is indisputably right: The Cold War is over. The world has changed. It is time to rethink America’s alliances, and act in our own interests for once, Carlson said.

“The people yelling the loudest about how the Russians are our greatest enemy and Trump is their puppet happen to be the very same people who have been mismanaging our foreign policy for the past two decades, the people who invaded Iraq and wouldn’t admit it was a mistake, the people who killed Muammar Gaddafi for no obvious reason and prolonged the horrible Syrian civil war and then threw open the borders of Europe, the ones still defending the pointless Afghan conflict and even now planning brand-new disasters around the world in Lebanon, Iran and, yes, in Russia,” Carlson explained.

Exactly. The foreign policy establishment in Washington REFUSES to take correction even in the face of obvious failure after obvious failure. This group thinks it owns US strategy, that the US presidency should be an extension of neoconservative utopianism.

What, Iraq, the massive opium crop in Afghanistan, the destruction of Libya and the new slave markets in that country, the meltdown of Syria, the increase in power and stature of Iran in the Levant, these things aren’t enough for you to question your school of “diplomacy?” And now you’re angry that the Realists are dealing with Russia in a way that reduces the possibility of war?

How about we get back to reality? How about we stop picking fights around the world? How about we act like adults overseas?

Crazy I know.

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