Turns Out, Those Forced Union Dues Did Go To ‘Liberal’ Advocacy Groups

It’s the public employee union industrial complex, which is a big part of the crony industrial complex.

(From IBD)

After the Supreme Court ruling that banned forced union dues for public sector workers, liberal activist groups started complaining about how they were going to lose a huge source of funds. Wait. Didn’t unions repeatedly claim that those forced dues only went to collective bargaining costs?

The court case, Janus v. AFSCME, centered on the practice in 22 states, whereby public-sector workers could be forced to pay a portion of the union dues, even if they didn’t join the union. The court ruled 5-4 that this was a violation of free speech, because it meant that government was forcing nonunion workers to subsidize political advocacy, candidates and policies they don’t support.

Throughout the debate, big public-sector unions insisted that those forced dues were perfectly reasonable. Since nonunion members also benefited from union collective bargaining deals with state and local governments, it made sense for them to cover their share of those collective bargaining costs. The unions called it “fair share” fees.

None of those forced dues, unions emphatically stated, went to political causes, so there was no free-speech violation…


…But this week, the New York Times published a lengthy story explaining how the Janus decision will not only hit public sector unions but “will also hit hard at a vast network of groups dedicated to advancing liberal policies and candidates.”

These groups, the Times reports, got tens of millions of dollars from public sector unions — “funding now in jeopardy because of the prospective decline in union revenue.”

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