Uganda Just Rolled Out a 5-Cent Daily Tax to Access Social Media. People Aren’t Happy

Sounds like a good way to help a developing economy along. Pretty smart. Ahem…

(From Time)

A new tax on social media has taken effect in Uganda, angering many who see the revenue measure as an attack on free speech.

The tax on users of sites such as Facebook was first proposed by long-time leader Yoweri Museveni, who complained of online gossip in a March letter that urged the finance minister to raise money “to cope with the consequences.”

In addition to the usual data fees, social media users now must pay upfront a daily levy of Shs200 (5 cents) to access all social media websites.

Service providers, including regional telecommunications giant MTN, said in a joint statement Sunday that starting July 1 the levy would be charged on “Over The Top services,” including access to websites such as Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. The tax will be deducted by service providers that will then pay to the government revenue service.

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