US Embassy in Haiti Calls for Security Reinforcements Amid Violent Fuel Riots

(From The Washington Examiner)

The U.S. Embassy in Haiti is calling for security reinforcements after riots broke out in response to a government plan to raise fuel prices by 50 percent.

A U.S. Defense official told NBC News that the U.S. Embassy in Haiti is requesting additional Marines and State Dept. security personnel “to augment the existing forces at the Embassy” amid the riots in the capital of Port-au-Prince.

Additionally, according to Fox News, roughly 120 Americans are believed to be staying at a Port-au-Prince hotel where protesters attempted to bypass security and set the building on fire.

CNN reports that 13 Marines have been mobilized to fulfill the embassy’s request.

Protests erupted on Friday just hours before the government price hike was set to raise fuel prices by 50 percent.

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