80-year-old medical marijuana patient with expired card jailed for less than an eighth of cannabis

I love that this Fox 17 headline explains that this woman was jailed for “less than an eighth.” Not an eighth of an ounce. But an eighth, and pretty much everyone these days understands.

And seriously, this woman is spending time in jail? For smoking pot? She even had an expired medical marijuana card. This is absurd.

God forbid she not be completely zonked out on (government approved) opioids.

Watch, this will stop happening as soon as PHARMA gets complete control of marijuana as it is attempting to do now.

(From Fox17Online)

According to court records, Gruno was trying to locate Saltzman’s great granddaughter, and return her lost phone and ID. That’s when the deputy smelled marijuana from Saltzman’s porch.

Then, after the officer helped this old lady pick up her house the officer cuffed this golden girl and put in jail for the night.

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