A memorial to the victims of communism opens in Estonia

Tartu Estonia, 1941


We must never forget the destruction and death that collectivism has wrought on this planet. Both the international socialists (the Communists), and the National Socialists (the Nazis) believed that they could bring “heaven” to earth in the 20th Century. In their efforts they instead brought hell. Because reality was not as the utopians wanted, they slaughtered, tortured, and oppressed the non-compliant in order to bend the world to their will.

Sadly there are some who still today have not learned the lesson of collectivism and could even be inclined to engage in such statist mayhem again. (Let’s hope not. But consider the young Marxist on the local campus quoting Lenin on how “eggs need to be broken to make an omelet.” Ignorance plus utopian statism has too often been a deadly combination.) Civilized people must make sure that never happens.

Government, if not kept in check by a free citizenry always slides toward totalitarianism. It is only a matter of the rate. That is the natural progression. The horrors the Estonian people suffered may seem distant and impossible today. But they are not so distant.

Statism is seductive to those who do not want to do the work of maintaining a free society. It always will be. Free people let statism, collectivism, utopianism, “socialism,” grow at humanity’s peril.

Some pro-big government people will buck at this. They always have. From Britain to Berkeley there have always been those who argue that socialism done “right” won’t deteriorate into the kind of human destruction the world has witnessed under “socialism.” We find that those who think a “middle way” can be maintained  are not considering the logical progression of state power. Or worse, that they are.

Despite the gruesome picture above the memorial in Estonia, which can be seen in the attached article, is quite beautiful and appears to exude hope and humanness.

(From EstonianWorld.com)

The names of over 22,000 people who were murdered or who died due to inhuman living conditions in imprisonment or forced exile are inscribed on the memorial’s name plaques…

…Estonia lost one in every five people from its population of slightly over one million because of the Soviet Union’s terror policy.

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