AC2 NEWS Weekly Crony News Roundup 8-19-2018

Google and China officially join together to censor the Internet (In China for the time being.)


Is This Reform Capitalism, Socialism, or Crony Capitalism?


How US Sugar Subsidies Bring a Red Tide of Algae to Florida’s Shores


Preet Bharara says ‘God bless the deep state’ if they care about Constitution and law


The Struggles of a Crony: Elon Musk is dealing with the “most painful year of (his) career”


The Commerce Department now has 120 people working full-time deciding which businesses are exempt from tariffs (That is a bad thing)


GE, massive crony capitalist company and Obama partner falls to 9-year low below $12


Cali Calamity: California is paying inmates $1 an hour to fight wildfires burning in places where people shouldn’t be building homes in the first place


Feinstein Accused of Chinese Crony Cap Connection


From laboratory in far west, China’s surveillance state spreads quietly