Amazon Isn’t Paying Its Electric Bills. You Might Be

This neighborhood is an enclave that has survived since the Civil War. It is surrounded by suburbia of the Northern Virginia variety, and developers, politicians, and others have long licked their chops. It is also adjacent to the Manassas Battlefield.

In what initially looked like a victory for the residents of this enclave Amazon was forced to bury the power lines (which would run through these people’s property) it wanted for one of its new facilities. But there was a catch. Amazon found a way for Virginia residents to pay for their inconvenience. Of course many of the people paying for Amazon’s electricity are poor. Such is the crony way.

(From Bloomberg)

In her neighborhood, founded by freed slaves after the Civil War, residents are mostly elderly, live on fixed incomes, and have already struggled to absorb a 30 percent rise in their energy bills over the past decade. Thomas is worried that a discount for the world’s richest man may cost her the house she’s lived in for half a century.

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