Apple is arguing that a cluster of new buildings at its headquarters is worth only $200 to lower its tax burden.

$200 bucks. So their buildings are the equivalent of 1/5 of an iPhone X. Wow.

Look, there is nothing wrong with legally minimizing one’s tax exposure. It is best to keep money in the private sector. But let’s not be absurd. You try pulling something like this and see what happens. Most of us are not well connected trillion dollar companies.

(From The Daily Caller)

The trillion-dollar tech giant claimed in an appeal the value of the “cluster of properties” is worth $200, not the $1 billion value given by the Santa Clara County’s tax assessor — elected officials who determine property value for tax purposes.

Another appeal claimed that the value of $384 million local officials gave the property was also worth $200, Business Insider reported Tuesday, adding the company might be the largest tax payer in the Santa Clara County, where the Cupertino, California, headquarters are located.

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