At Least $36 Billion Has Evaporated In Argentina: The Corruption Paradigm

2 former presidents. Brazil and Argentina. 2 leftists. 2 crony capitalists.


Notice that Octavio-Cortez is trying to ape the whole Eva Peron look. Socialism and crony capitalism go hand in hand.

They always have and they certainly always have in Argentina, the place where both main schools of socialism (fascist socialism and marxist socialism) have historically fused into one crony philosophy, Peronism. Ms. Kirchner, Argentina’s now very former president, was heir to this legacy. But we are only now seeing the real ugliness.

(From Forbes)

Throughout the past couple of weeks, members of the so-called “public works club,” the businessmen who ran the country’s most prominent construction companies, have paraded through the halls of Comodoro Py federal courthouse, fessing up to their crimes in front of Prosecutor Carlos Stornelli. Many had been arrested, but pretty much all of them were released, charged after having reached a plea bargain that requires the approval of Judge Bonadio.

“Public works” two words that should instantly conjure thoughts of crony capitalism for anyone who pays attention to this sort of thing. The bigger the government project the bigger the graft. (Of course taxpayers pay for this.)

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