BOB BARR: Socialism’s rise due as much to Republicans as Democrats

As Bob Barr points out, the GOP has long been hypocritical in espousing a free market ethos while embracing a big government reality. As such the GOP, the supposed “small government, free market” party, has helped greatly to erode the spirit of an honest actual free market economy in the US. Sometimes people forget that the TEA Party was as much a reaction to George Bush Jr’s big government as it was to Barrack Obama’s.

(From The Merrieta Daily Journal)

Not since President Ronald Reagan have Republicans had an honest national spokesperson for free markets. Instead, the last 30 years has witnessed a steady, and in fact accelerating dilution of capitalism, led by the likes of George W. Bush as much as Bernie Sanders.

So what are we to expect of people who are not terribly informed on the dangers of big government? The big government Republicans have undermined the free market at what seems every turn for a very long time now.

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