Boeing snaps up satellite firm as Trump pushes US ‘Space Force’

For the record many people think the Space Force is some new thing. It really isn’t. The Air Force has been talking about an “air and space force” for many years. Now it’s official.

And watch out, a “space force” will without doubt be a whole new area for cronies to enrich themselves. This move from Boeing, one of the most crony companies in the world, it lives off of taxpayer money in many respects, is probably indicative of what we will see more of in the near future.

Boeing + space is an expensive equation. Guaranteed. Get out your checkbooks taxpayers. We’re going to infinity and beyond!…Whether you want to or not.

(From  The Washington Examiner)

The Chicago-based planemaker didn’t say how much it would pay for Millennium Space Systems, which builds high-performance satellites weighing from 50 to 6,000 kilograms for national security clients. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., Millennium has about 260 employees who will join Boeing’s $21 billion Defense, Space and Security Division

…The acquisition comes as military contractors take advantage of a boom from the White House’s interest in space exploration and defense, with Trump proposing missions to the moon and Mars while developing a Space Force.

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