Bonuses, prizes given under former Atlanta Mayor Reed broke law, new report finds

People wonder why cities are always such a mess.

The problem almost invariably is the big city inclination toward big government. In this climate of big government crony capitalism germinates and spreads until the roots get so deep and so thick there seems little hope of anything that resembles reasonable levels of government. Everything is regulated to death, to the point that in some areas of many cities the only free markets and job opportunities exist in illegal markets. (This also serves the cronies.) Consider Chicago, and Detroit, and LA, and San Francisco, and Seattle, and Baltimore, and Atlanta…

(From WSBTV)

The report found nearly $900,000 in taxpayer-funded bonuses approved by Reed, his human resources commissioner and several members of City Council from December to February broke city and state law.

“Every one of them was improper,” Noble said.

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