CA Lottery officials party hard, Alleged misconduct leads to investigation

California public employees partying, getting drunk, and committing lewd acts at public expense is not very surprising. But let’s not forget this: those same employees are running a program, the lottery, that preys on poor and disadvantaged people.

The state knows who buys lottery tickets and it isn’t the 1%. Consider also that the payoffs go in huge sums to a few winners. The same politicians who say they hate economic inequality won’t offer a lottery that more evenly distributes the earnings. Know why? Because they know nobody would buy tickets, and the state just wants the money.

(From The Daily Caller)

Several photos of a group of California State Lottery managers engaging in drunken and sexually inappropriate behavior were sent to California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown from an employee who claimed to work for the Lottery, according to a report.

An anonymous letter was sent to government officials earlier in August from one of the employees who claims he or she has had enough of the inappropriate behavior by top officials, ABC 7 reported.

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